Our Intention

We want all children to love Mathematics and find it a creative subject through which they learn to solve problems and communicate their ideas. We want to inspire all our children to be confident Mathematicians so that in the ‘real world’ they are able to access a wider range of opportunities developing skills essential for life.  We are, as a school and MAT, developing a mastery approach to the Mathematics curriculum to promote a greater understanding of mathematical knowledge and skills including reasoning, fluency and problem solving.  We intend to do this through teaching Mathematics based on the White Rose planning tool together with resources drawn from a range of resources such as: Numicon, Abacus, Target Maths (KS2) and Nrich.


We follow the National Curriculum and have a school map of skills to be taught across the Year Groups with planned revisiting of skills at a higher level built in through the Key Stages.  Mathematics is delivered in a daily discrete lesson structured by revisiting previous skills, direct teaching and modelling of a new skill in small steps, guided and supported work and independent application.  Lessons are planned to enable children to develop their reasoning, fluency and problem solving skills with the use of a range of concrete, pictorial and abstract (CPA) models.  Alongside this we promote Mathematical Talk and exposure to a wide range of problems, through providing opportunities to use Mathematics in other areas of the curriculum with an emphasis on real life application.  We promote the use of questioning to allow children to deepen and explore mathematical ideas, tailoring this questioning to the needs of all individual children.  Mathematics books provide opportunities for children to describe and explain their mathematical thinking as well as consolidate their learning through set tasks.   Classroom displays promote the application of a mastery approach with Working Walls, alongside permanent displays of number facts.  Outside of the Mathematics lesson, retrieval practice tasks or quizzes are a daily occurrence together with Mathematical Talk.


All children will learn, retain knowledge and make progress.   Children will have a love of Mathematics and will not be afraid of making mistakes or taking risks.  Children will be confident and enthusiastic in finding efficient methods to solve problems together with communicating their ideas accurately and efficiently, both verbally and in written form.  Teachers will assess impact daily through revisiting of previous skills and the use of focused Assessment for Learning questioning. This will be supported by children completing formal written tasks.


St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School
Kirkley Cliff, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0DG
Tel: 01502 565384

Please contact the school office if you require a paper copy of the information on our website or wish to speak to our SENCo - Mr Lambert.