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CAFOD - GO GREEN Project Week November 1st-5th

This week, we took part in many activities for the Go Green Campaign. We started by watching the national assembly and recalled what we remember about our previous project week: ‘Eyes of the World’ and the upcoming COP26 meetings being held in Glasgow this week by our World Leaders. From this, we created a class tree of pledges for how we ourselves plan to Go Greener.

We also:

  • Watched the EarthShot Documentary by David Attenborough and Prince William
  • Learned about new soft-plastic recycling and in English we worked on our persuasive letter writing skills by writing our own letters for the school newsletter to persuade our families to recycle more.
  • We kept a close eye on the news to find out about the pledges our own world leaders are making for a greener future to combat climate change.
  • We all wore green and donated £1 for the campaign on Tuesday to raise awareness.

Throughout the week, Year 6 also planned their own class fundraising events. They came up with lots of fun ideas to put our faith into action. Each class will come up with their own fundraising idea and complete it this week. Their challenge was to work out the logistics of our events including: working out how it would work in action, preparing resources, advertising, holding the events and collecting and counting the money.

They chose 2 main events: A mini-disco for all year groups and a football challenge and raffle for years 3, 4 and 5. Altogether we managed to raise a brilliant £59.40 for CAFOD!

Year 6 go greener

CAFOD - Eyes of the World Project Week September 6th-11th

This term, we took part in many activities for the Eyes of the World Campaign. We started by watching the national assembly and recalled what we remember about ‘Eyes of the World’ and COP26. From this, we created a class prayer for our intentions for the care of our ‘common home’ and support from God to live them out.

CAFOD Prayer

Throughout the week, we built up our knowledge of climate change and the effects of this on the poorest people like Delio in Peru and Mary in the Pacific Islands suffering. We created posters from our research in groups. We then looked at what we are doing ourselves and as a school to support sustainability, from wasting less paper to solar panels. In English we worked on our persuasive letter writing skills and wrote our own letters for our expectations and advice to the government, prior to COP26, and sent these to the Prime Minister.

Leaders of the world display

We had some active fun creating our own actions for saving the planet as warm up games for PE and in the mornings and we finished up the week with our art lesson to create some stunning visual collage eyes to remind the government the world is watching their actions!

Finally, to ensure we are also keeping ourselves and our class accountable, we nominated eco-monitors in class to make sure that we aren’t wasting any electricity or paper and we voted for our eco-council representative who gave some passionate arguments for why they care for our environment.

Year 6

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