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Letters for Year 2

Year 2 Home Learning Letter 01.06.20

Year 2 Home Learning Letter 21.05.20

Epic reading Letter


Home Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize Home Learning Letter

Oak National Academy Year 2

Brain Gym Cards


The Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith

The Hodgeheg Literacy Activities

Hedgehogs comprehension

Hedgehogs comprehension 2

Year 2 Sats Survival Parents spelling Practice and Revision Activity Sheets

Year 2 Talk for Writing Unit


White Rose Maths- For daily maths lessons.

These worksheets are to accompany the lessons given on White Rose Maths

Week 4 Lesson 1 - Add and subtract 10s

Week 4 Lesson 2 - Add 2 digit numbers

Week 4 Lesson 3 -  Subtract 2 digit numbers

Week 4 Lesson 4 - Bonds to 100 tens and ones

Week 5 Lesson 1 - Multiplication sentences using the x symbol

Week 5 Lesson 2 - Use arrays

Week 5 Lesson 3 - The 2 times table

Week 5 Lesson 4 - The 5 times table

Week 6 Lesson 1 - The 10 times table

Week 6 Lesson 2 - Make equal groups sharing

Week 6 Lesson 3 - Make equal groups grouping

Week 6 Lesson 4 - Odd and even numbers

Week 7 Lesson 1 - Unit fractions

Week 7 Lesson 2 - Non unit fractions

Week 7 Lesson 3 - Find a half

Week 7 Lesson 4 - Find a quarter

Week 8 Lesson 1 - Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes

Week 8 Lesson 2 - Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes

Week 8 Lesson 3 - Sort 2D and 3D shapes

Week 8 Lesson 4 - Merge 2D and 3D shapes

Week 9 Lesson 1 - Measure length (cm)

Week 9 Lesson 2 - Compare lengths

Week 9 Lesson 3 - Four operations with lengths

Week 9 Lesson 4 - Compare mass

Week 9a Lesson 1 - Describing movement

Week 9a Lesson 2 - Describing turns

Week 9a Lesson 3 - Describing movement and turns


Year 2 Opening Letter

A boy called Benjamin project front cover

A boy called Benjamin project content

A boy called Benjamin Week 1 - This is me

A boy called Benjamin Week 2 - Discovering the past

A boy called Benjamin Week 3 - School Days

A boy called Benjamin Week 4 - Toys and Pastimes

A boy called Benjamin Week 5 - My Special Gift

Resource 1 - Clef Worksheet

Resource 2 - Blank Stave Sheets

Resource 3 - The Fairies by Rose Fyleman

Resource 4 - Rhythm and Pulse Lesson

A boy called Benjamin Week 6 - Benjamin's Legacy

Ben Resource 1 - How instruments are played

Ben Resource 2 - Musical Instrument Video PowerPoint

Ben Resource 3a - Instruments of the Orchestra-A4

Ben Resource 3b - Brass Family Poster

Ben Resource 3c - Percussion Family Poster

Ben Resource 3d - String Family Poster

Ben Resource 3e - Woodwind Family Poster

Ben's Window Summer Art Project

Ben's Window


Habitats Activities

Wildlife Trusts - 101 random acts of wildness - Use this list of activities for ways to go wild or be inspired to create your own.

Watermills and Marshes - Week 9 Ghosts, Myths and Magic
For Year 2 interactive learning links please click here
Computing, Music & Art

Barefoot Computing - Computing activities

Online Safety Home Learning Activity Packs - For children age 5-7

Sing Up at home

Britten Pears Science of Sound - Videos and activities


Hindu Gods

Let's Celebrate CBeebies -Big Stories and resources

True tube: Charlie and Blue visit 7 different places of worship. See 1 example here Charlie and Blue go to Gurdwara

BBC films for 3-7 year olds - Religions of the world

The Beginnner's Bible - Bible Stories


For Year 2 useful websites links see below -

I See Maths - For home learning activities.

 I See Maths Games - For I See Maths ideas of games to play.

Oxford owl eBooks - Visit the Oxford Owl page to find eBooks to read at home.

Third Space Learning - For Home Learning Resources.

BBC Bitesize - For KS1 learning, revision and games.

Topmarks - For great educational games and resources.

Times Tables Rock Stars - For Maths games.

Mathsframe - For a multiplication table check.

National Geographic Kids - For primary resources.

DK Find Out - Fun facts for kids.

Blockly Games - Activities for programmers.

Yoga lessons - For children

Soltan for families - Helpful family articles and ideas will teach you and your children about sun safety, helping you to enjoy the great outdoors and summer sun as a family.


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