Anti-Bullying Advice to Families

Our School’s Values and Beliefs

St Mary’s is a caring community in which everyone has the right to feel happy, safe and included.  Our children learn how to respect each other and form positive relationships.

Sometimes, children are upset by the words and actions of their peers.  If this upsets them for a period of time, or if they are unable to resolve an issue by themselves, they need support from their family and school.

How to help your child or any child who is being bullied:

  • Listen – Be patient and give your child quiet time to think and talk.
  • Let them speak – Allow your child an uninterrupted opportunity to tell you what is happening.
  • Get the facts – Remember, you are listening to your child and their feelings and there will always be another point of view. Having all of the available facts will help address the problem.
  • Reassure – Comfort and reassure your child explain that the situation will get better for them, not worse as a result of telling you.
  • Keep calm - It is not possible to control the behaviour of others but we can be empowered through the control our own. Despite how angry, upset or worried you may feel about what your child is telling you, try and remain calm. You will help your child feel more positive and reassured about the situation if you model a calm and supportive response.
  • Be positive and proactive - Discuss what you can do to help them and follow through with what you have agreed.
  • Avoid confrontation – Avoid confronting another child and/or their family, this will often make the situation worse for you and your child.
  • Ask for help at an early stage – Situations that involve another child in the same school are best sorted out with the help of the school themselves. They will be able to offer everyone involved support and will remain neutral throughout the process. If the school are involved at an early stage it is often much easier to resolve the situation.

Active tips for preventing online bullying:

  • Primary School children are not at a suitable age to use social media.
  • Most Social Media Sites require children to be over 13 to have an account.
  • If someone posts or messages inappropriate or upsetting material about your child, give them an opportunity to remove it – if this persists, take screenshots and copies of messages, times and dates as evidence for any legal or disciplinary routes.
  • Remind your child that nothing can ever be ‘deleted’ from the internet and will remain online forever and things that they send or share may cause them or others upset in the future.
  • Remind your child not to share personal information online that may make them a target for cyberbullying.

How the school can help:

In the first instance it is best to speak to your child’s teacher.  You can arrange a meeting either by asking them in the playground at the start or end of the day.

If you are unable to speak to your child’s teacher, you are welcome to make an appointment to meet with Mrs Parker by speaking to the School Office.

We will record the information that you and your child give us.  We will then suggest various ways in which we can help and together agree on a plan.  This often involves staff speaking to the relevant children to explain how each child is feeling and to give advice to ensure that each child feels safe and respected.  After an agreed time, a follow up conversation is had with each child to ensure that the situation has been resolved.

For more information, refer to our Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy


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