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Letters for Year 5

Year 5 Home Learning Letter 15.06.20

Year 5 Home Learning Letter 04.06.20

Year 5 Home Learning Letter 19.05.20

Epic reading Letter


Home Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize Home Learning Letter

Oak National Academy Year 5

Brain Gym Cards


Talk for Writing - Wonderful Wizards

One Chance Talk For Writing Unit

Talk For Writing Unit - Meet the Rhi-swano-zeb-tah

Year 5 Talk For Writing Unit

NHS Learning Project

Year 5 Carrie's War Activity Pack

Sir Linkalot Spelling - Link to the website with information about downloading the app


I See Reasoning UKS2 -Multiplication

Multiplication and Division Consolidation Pack

Perimeter and Area Consolidation Pack

Place Value Consolidation Pack

Statistics Consolidation Pack

Spring Consolidation Multiplication and Division

The answers are included with the Maths mats.

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 1

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 2

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 3

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 4

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 5

Year 5 Sp2 Maths Activity Mat 6

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 1

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 2

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 3

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 4

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 5

Year 5 Su1 Maths Activity Mat 6


WW2 Project Tasks

WW2 Knowledge Organiser

KS2 Biomes Project

Year 5 Deserts Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 My Moon Diary

For Year 5 interactive learning links please click here

Watermills and Marshes - Week 9 Ghosts, Myths and Magic


Wildlife Trusts - 101 random acts of wildness - Use this list of activities for ways to go wild or be inspired to create your own.

Classification - What is a locust

Extra ideas for class activities

Food chains worksheet

Growth and movement

How are locusts adapted (information sheet)

How do we grow worksheet

How does a locust eat worksheet

Life-cycle of the locust

Literacy worksheet

Locust feeding, crop damage and control

Locust problems (numeracy sheet)

Locust swarms worksheet

Making a life-cycle wheel worksheet

What type of animal is my locust worksheet

What type of skeleton worksheet

Science - Outdoor Activities Resource Pack

Science - Make It Resource Pack

Science - Kitchen Resource Pack

Science - Indoor Activities Resource Pack

Fieldwork Lessons Online


Computing & Music

Barefoot Computing - Computing activities

Online Safety Home Activity Packs - For children aged 8-10

Sing Up at home


Family Fit Club


For Year 5 useful websites links see below -

I see Maths - For daily Maths lessons at 9am for Year's 5 & 6

White Rose Maths - For daily maths lessons.

PE with Joe - For daily PE workouts with Joe Wicks.

    Mini Music Makers  - Live music streams each week with Joe Carr from Britten Pears Foundation.

Oxford owl eBooks - Visit the Oxford Owl page to find eBooks to read at home.

Third Space Learning - Home Learning Resources

BBC Bitesize - For KS2 learning, revision and games.

BBC Teach - For KS2 Carrie's War Story

Blockly Games - Activities for programmers.

National Geographic Kids - For primary resources.

DK Find Out - Fun facts for kids.

Soltan for families - Helpful family articles and ideas will teach you and your children about sun safety, helping you to enjoy the great outdoors and summer sun as a family.


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